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Optimal Performance offers a comprehensive, natural approach to health & wellness to help people live fuller, pain-free lives.

Our professional center is dedicated to the treatment & alleviation of health problems that are limiting people’s lives through certified, evidence–based natural methods.

Start your journey on the path to wellness today. New patients receive a thorough examination and a report of findings for only $39 ($149 value). Give us a call at 262-226-8349.

Pain can be relieved, without drugs or surgery.

Clinic Director

Dr. Corey Van Westen

“Do yourself a favor. Find out how quickly pain can be relieved, without drugs or surgery, even if you’ve been told by other doctors that there’s no hope.”

Physical Therapy & Rehab

Under the direction of our Clinic Director, our therapists will help restore your optimal level of health and activity. Focus is placed on postural remodeling by establishing muscle balance ratios and full range of motion. We offer a variety of therapies to provide quick pain relief for our patients.


Chiropractic Care

We are fully qualified and licensed to administer specialized chiropractic treatment.

Our Digital Full-Spine X-Ray System allows us to receive immediate, crystal clear visuals of your full-skeletal structure to acquire the most accurate reading we can offer along with proper measurements of your spine.


Medical Diagnostics

We are the premier provider of functional status and physical assessments. Our collection of functional status assessment tools includes products such as range-of-motion and muscle testing devices, digital pressure algometers, Isometric muscle testing equipment, FCE testing equipment and more.


Medical Massage

Under the direction of our Clinic Director, we provide outcome-based massage, primarily the application of a specific treatment targeted to the specific problem(s) the patient presents with a diagnosis and are administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation. Specific outcomes being the basis for treatment. It is also known as sports massage.


Nutritional Counseling

We are fully qualified and licensed to use nutrition and food science to help people improve their health. Dietetics is the science of how food and nutrition affects human health. The field of dietetics has a strong emphasis on public health and a commitment to educating all Americans about the importance of making proper dietary choices.


Physical Medicine

Our Physical medicine providers aim to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Our goal is to maximize patients’ independence in activities of daily living and improve quality of life.


Optimal Performance

Success Stories

"Since starting care at Optimal Performance I have seen results that I didn’t even think were possible. I’m back doing things, like running, that I had discontinued due to my pain."

"Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I have had major improvement in mobility and comfort. I have no pain!"

"I am now back performing things that I loved doing like jogging, hiking, swimming, biking & socializing more!"

"I can’t tell you when my last migraine occurred. What was once an everyday awful norm is now a thing of the past. My expectations have been exceeded!"

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Why Choose Chiropractic?

Why Choose Chiropractic?

Research shows that, in most cases, chiropractic is significantly more effective than medical intervention for neck and back pain. Moreover, chiropractic is all natural.

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