Success Story – Andrew McComb

Success with Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Chest Pain, Fatigue, Poor Circulation, Attention Deficit Disorder, Confusion, Depression & General Stiffness

I first became a patient here at Optimal Performance Health Care Center in May 4th of 2016 suffering from low back, neck, foot & chest pain, also with fatigue. I also suffer from general stiffness, confusion, depression & poor circulation. When I was a kid I fell down the stairs & got hit by a car when I was riding my bike 10 years ago & that’s when my neck began with the problems. I did BMX when I was a kid. I stand for about 8 hours at work. I think that all of these are the leading problems to my misaligned spine.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance Health Care Center I tried to diet, and nap because of my fatigue, for my bad circulation I took ginger tea & for my chest I tried the sweat log. These treatment worked for some time but they kept coming back. When these symptoms kick in is when I start feeling depressed, grumpy, and irritated. I didn’t realize I had a problem until I received a complimentary scan at a health fair. As soon as I noticed that could be the reason of my problems I decided to take action.

Since I became a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I have a better posture, more strength, no more neck pain. My neck has better range of motion, I am able to balance & better mobility.

I feel my future is brighter, since my body is more healthy now I won’t have to stop what I’ am doing to attend to it. I am more consistent, I think and feel better, I am going to have a better life.

I would definitely recommend Optimal Performance Health Care Center to others. I’ am glad I have the exercises to do daily as it can be hard to self-motivate it’s good to have the ghost of Katie on my shoulder telling me how to exercise.