Success Story – Bridget Meehan

Success with Migraine Headaches

I first came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center in January of 2016. I had suffered from Chronic Migraines since the age of seven (20 years). These debilitating episodes would last 3 to 4 days and were happening multiple times a month. I also suffered from neck, arm and hand pain. My health problems caused me to miss countless days of school; often I missed out on family functions, activities with friends, driving and they interrupted my sleep and I stopped painting which is something I used to love.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance I had tried ibuprofen, Topamax, diet, exercise, massage and ice treatments. I had seen several general practitioners, allergists, neurologist, therapists and a trip to the Mayo Clinic. Those specialists did not have a reason for the debilitating migraines but recommended copious amounts of ibuprofen, Aleve and Excedrin to keep me functioning enough to “just deal with” the migraines and other symptoms. The prescription drugs did not help, I noticed the side effects of the drugs but they did not offer me any relief. Diet changes, though wonderful for my health, did not provide any relief either. I was living on a steady diet of Ibuprofen, anti-nausea meds and an acceptance that “this was it” before coming to Optimal Performance. I grew up being told that some people just get migraines. I learned to push through, though I was often miserable.

Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance I can’t tell you when my last migraine occurred. What was once an everyday awful norm is now a thing of the past. I now have increased energy, stamina, increased ability to work and deal with stress. I am now free to enjoy life without migraines. My expectations have been exceeded.

I am looking forward to not missing out on life anymore. It is amazing how different my life is in just a short amount of time. I didn’t realize the negative affects the migraines had on my life until now that my migraines have resolved. I would 100% recommend Optimal Performance Health Care to anyone not functioning at 100% health. No one should have to “just live with” an illness or pain, not when there is a solution like there was for me.