Success Story – Brooke Shawver-Levin

Success with Subluxations in the Cervical Spine causing pain & numbness & weakness into my arms, hands & Low back pain

In November 5th, 2015 I became a patient here at optimal performance Health Care Center. I came in with multiple subluxations in my cervical spine with loss of feeling in my arm & hands, I also had low back pain & nerve pain. I had been suffering from this since 2007 & was a result of my career as a professional dancer. The pain became severe enough that I was unable to drive with my right hand. I would be in constant pain and unable to play with my kids as I wanted.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance Health Care Center I went to multiple doctors in Chicago & spent 1000’s of dollars on tests only to be told that it was muscular & that massage was my option to manage my discomfort. I also tried ice, heat, gel, physical therapy, electromagnetic stimulations, stretches & Pilates.

There were no changes in my condition or symptoms, they continued to get worse over the years. After months of testing and no results my husband & I became frustrated and decided this was just my in life.

I had about 3 or 4 doctors tell me I had to live with these problems, but I did not believe them. Since I visited Dr. Van Westen I’ve noticed the numbness & tingling is completely gone, no more pain in my neck. With my exercises I’m able to manage tightness that occurs, I feel so much stronger & taller! I had improvements in my hip with the help of the adjustments.

My future is going to be excellent! I no longer dread having to drive longer than 20 minutes. I can play with my kids again & I was able to take ballet classes again.

I would absolutely recommend Optimal Performance Health Care Center to other people. You guys rock! Thank You