Posture Correction Therapy

Bad Posture Shortens Life

“The beginning of the disease process starts with postural distortions.”
Dr. Hans Seyle, MD Nobel Laureate

Posture CorrectionIn the past, according to medicine, if your head jutted out or you developed a humped back, you were just getting older or simply had bad posture. Today, medical science has uncovered a whole new meaning to losing or over-accentuating your spinal curves.

A shocking 2004 study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society revealed that mortality could be predicted by hyperkyphosis (exaggerated rolled shoulders and the humping of the mid-back). An elite group of medical scientists – Deborah M. Kado, MD, MS; Mei-Hua Huang, MD PhD’ Arun S. Karlamangla, MD, PhD – found that as the curve in the middle back, the Kyphosis, became greater than normal, death came sooner.

Another  groundbreaking study published in the Medical Journal Spine (Nov.2005) revealed work done by Ken Shimizu, MD; Massaya Nakamura, MD; Yuji Nishikawa, MD; and Yosiaki Toyama, MD. This study once again showed the vital, urgent need for normal curves in your spine.  They found that hyperkyphosis of the spine resulted in destruction of nerve fibers due to chronic compression of the spinal cord. The damage is associated with both mechanical and vascular damage in the spinal cord.

As these deadly degenerative changes occur, many may not experience symptoms. Neurological illness will occur and when enough damaged tissue accumulates only then will symptoms appear. Rather than choosing correction of the spinal alignment, the vast majority will choose to medicate. Even if temporary relief may be achieved, the condition will worsen.

The good news is here at Optimal Performance, with our physical medicine techniques, distorted posture previously believed to be uncorrectable can now be corrected. By releasing lock-up area of the spine with gently spinal mobilization techniques and breaking-up stubborn knots and scar tissue in the muscles with our medical treatments, the body can then be efficiently remodeled. This means you can go from having poor fallen posture to beautiful healthy posture. This will give you a healthier nervous system, pain reduction, better overall health and these studies show, a longer life.

Posture CorrectionWe take a multi-specialty approach with physical medicine rehab, exercise kinesiologist, chiropractic, manual therapy and nutritional therapy. This way we can treat all the elements of the anatomy at the root cause of the problem. So by addressing your damaged posture and nerves by freeing-up the joints, muscle knots and scar tissue you will rapidly remodel and restore spinal alignment.  That means you will not only have quicker and more permanent spinal correction but dramatic pain relief, beautiful posture and improved overall health.

“The quality of healing is directly proportional to the functional capability of the central nervous system to send and receive nerve messages.”
Dr. Janson Edwards, MD, PhD

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