Success Story – Danielle Archambeau

Success with Degenerative Disc Disease, Planter Fasciitis, Lower Back Pain & Feet Pain

On the 30th of March of 2016 I came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center suffering from degenerative disc disease and planter fasciitis. The foot pain was a 10/10. I noticed lower back and feet pain in august of 2015, but according to the x-rays Dr. Van Westen performed, I had it much longer than that. I have phase stage 2 degenerative arthritis in my spine.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance Health Care Center I used ice, heat, bengay, cream. Also tried doing stretches & purchasing new shoes & visited other Doctors and was recommended pain medication and physical therapy. The results of my back pain decreased but was not completely gone & my feet where still in so much pain.

The doctors I visited prior to coming to optimal performance said that the arthritis in my spine was never going to heal. That is not true my arthritis can get better with the right care.

With the help of the Optimal Performance Doctors I no longer suffer from foot or back pain. I feel my future will be better knowing that I can walk around comfortably & I can be able to take better care of my family.

I would highly recommend Optimal Performance Health Care Center to other people.