Success Story – Emily Garcia

Success with migraines, headaches, neck pain, and hip pain.

I first came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center in December 2019.  I had been suffering from frequent headaches for 20 years ranging in severity from being a constant “annoyance” or it would be an intense migraine that would be so bad that I would need to call into work a few times a year. I also suffered from hip pain for 12 years that would wake me up from a dead sleep. In addition, I suffered from infertility & PCOS for 4 years, & neck pain & stiffness for the last 5 years dealing with the pain weekly. 

 Prior to Optimal Performance, I had never invested in my health because I had been suffering for so long & thought my symptoms were “normal.” I did invest in taking over the counter medications for my pain such as Aleve or Excedrin. For the most part, I would wait out the bad days hope the pain would pass soon. None of the home treatments or over the counter medications corrected the cause of my health problems & I would only have temporary relief or must push through it until it passed.

 Since becoming accepted as a patient at Optimal Performance I have not had to take any Aleve or Excedrin & my headaches are almost non-existent. I do have the occasional headache but as soon as I come into the clinic and get my treatment it is almost immediately resolved. I also find myself waking up in the middle of the night without any hip pain & no longer am dependent on the pillow between my knees to keep me pain-free throughout the night.

 Now with my improved health, I know my future will be better because I am getting better sleep without pain which allows me to wake up with a lot more energy. In general, I have more energy throughout my days with little to no headaches anymore. I am no longer missing work or events because I do not suffer from headaches and that makes me so much happier. I also started being able to work out on my own again without missing days due to pain.

 I would highly recommend the Optimal Performance Health Care Center to anyone who suffers from unnecessary illness & pain. Dr. Van Westen & staff has great services that are specific to your health problems. It has been great to work with Dr. Van Westen & Baylee during this process as they look at the “whole picture.” My appointments were much more than simply coming in for an adjustment and leaving.   Emily Garcia