Gait Analysis & Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Gait Analysis

Over the years our research and development teams have invested the newest and most promising technology in Physical Medicine to evaluate a person’s biomechanics of their lower extremities (i.e. feet and ankles) in the correlation between aches and pains in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and low back and have exclusively partnered with The Orthotic Group in order to be to bring the most sophisticated and state of the art equipment to our patients.

TOG GaitScan™ is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available and is a diagnostic tool to analyze your feet biomechanics. It is important to understand your feet have direct impact on the rest of your body and support you with each step. A small abnormality in foot function can have a large impact on joints higher up in the body, causing pain and discomfort.

This system not only analyzes the pressure on your feet in a static position (standing up), but it also tracks the foot pressure during movement (walking and running). When you are running, the pressure on your feet can be three or four times your body weight.

Even walking can produce more pressure than the sum of your body weight. The American Podiatric Medical Association says that the average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day.

Orthotics and proper shoe fit are very important aspects of foot health. Custom Orthotics are made to correct your specific foot imbalances by bringing your feet back into proper alignment and helping restore normal balance, reducing pain and discomfort.

Optimal Performance

Success Stories

"Since starting care at Optimal Performance I have seen results that I didn’t even think were possible. I’m back doing things, like running, that I had discontinued due to my pain."

"Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I have had major improvement in mobility and comfort. I have no pain!"

"I am now back performing things that I loved doing like jogging, hiking, swimming, biking & socializing more!"

"I can’t tell you when my last migraine occurred. What was once an everyday awful norm is now a thing of the past. My expectations have been exceeded!"