Success Story – Hayly Kennedy

Success with low back pain, neck pain, right shoulder & wrist pain.

I first came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center in June 2018.  I had been suffering from daily low back pain on and off for 20 years. I had also suffered from ongoing neck pain for over 3 years, right shoulder pain for 3 weeks, right wrist pain, and tingling in the head for 5 years. The pain was so intense that it was making me have a bad mood, I was irritable, I was less productive at work, I increased my husband’s stress, and I had trouble falling asleep at night because I was never comfortable. My health problems were having a negative effect on my life and I knew if I did nothing the pain would only get worse.

Prior to Optimal Performance, I had tried other chiropractors, physical therapy, ice/heat therapy, massage, ibuprofen, numerous pillows for my neck, & exercises/stretches. These treatments did not fix my problems & I wasted a lot of money & time trying other treatments.

 Since becoming accepted as a patient at Optimal Performance I have less pain in the activities I do daily and due to the decreased pain levels, I am more productive and have a lot more energy. I also have an increased quality of life since seeking treatments with Dr. Van Westen and his staff.

 Now with my improved health, I know my future will be better. I feel like a much healthier person and I am much happier with my quality of life. I appreciate all of the education along with the treatments I received.

 I would highly recommend the Optimal Performance Health Care Center to anyone who suffers from unnecessary illness & pain. Dr. Van Westen & staff are very professional & that makes it a pleasure to come into the center.  Hayly Kennedy