Success Story – Ian Bent

Success with Lower Back Pain, Asthma, Allergies & Sinus

I became a patient here at Optimal Performance Health Care Center July 8th, 2016, I had two bulging disc in my lower lumbar (low Back) area. I injured myself in March of 2012, during initial stages of the injury, The pain was quite severe.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance Health Care Center I started with physical therapy. Then met with doctors at Advance Pain for injections & radiation ablation. I was on & off different types of pain moderations. I tried medications, cream, hot, cold, & massages for my lower back pain. The results were not successful, I learned to live with the pain.

I gave up going to other doctors because they were only masking the pain with temporary treatments. I am grateful for Optimal Performance Health Care Center because I have my life back, pain free. I have increased strength, flexibility & minimal to no back pain.

My future will be better now that I have corrected the underlying issues. I can now enjoy activities with my family, play sports & play with kids.

I would absolutely recommend people to Optimal Performance Health Care Center because it’s a holistic approach to health. I wish I would’ve known about this option at the beginning of my injury. Dr. Van Westen and Katie are awesome! Thank You.