Success Story – Jaina Quick

Success with spina bifida, hip locking, neck pain, low back pain, wrists & elbow pain, and knee pain.

I first came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center in June 2018.  I had been suffering from Spina Bifida symptoms since I was born, which makes my back prone to weakness & prone to stress & strain. My pain really began in my late teens and I suffered from migraines, eye strain, popping and cracking in my joints. I suffered from pain in my neck, knees, hips, ankles, elbows & wrists as well as sciatic pain. My legs would go numb & become extremely painful. My health problems were having a negative effect on my life & I knew if I did nothing the pain would only get worse.

 Prior to Optimal Performance, I had been trying at-home treatments such as massage, stretching & foam rolling. I would also occasionally visit with a chiropractor that tried to “fix me” in one visit & asked me to keep coming back without any explanation of why. I was not educated on my conditions or how they planned to treat me which made me frustrated. Before coming to Optimal Performance, I couldn’t find any treatments or help that were worthy of fully investing in.

 Since becoming accepted as a patient at Optimal Performance I have noticed that I stopped getting migraines!! They used to be so bad that I could only sleep it off to feel any relief. This alone was a huge success for me, but I also have more energy, better coping skills with my anxiety, & my mental focus has improved. Another big result from my treatments is that my legs no longer go numb & if they do become painful it is because I haven’t done my exercises or stretches. I am excited to keep making my body healthy, so I can keep focused, maintain my energy & be healthy & strong for having kids in the future. I am excited to feel more like my best self!

 I would highly recommend Optimal Performance Health Care Center to anyone who suffers from unnecessary illness & pain. Dr. Van Westen & his team really proved that with the options & knowledge provided to me the financial investment was a small price to pay for my improved health & quality of life.  Jaina Quick