Success Story – Jennifer Hackbarth

Success with Bilateral foot & knee pain, low back pain & headaches

When I first came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center on the 16th of February 2016 I had suffered from severe daily knee & foot pain for over 8 years. I also suffered with mild daily headaches for over 5 years but had progressively gotten worse in the last 3 months. I also suffered with daily moderate low back pain for 5 years. I had placed over 20 years of stress on my body from twisting my ankles 30-40 times to car accidents to falling down the stairs a couple of dozen times to athletic injuries. Even in high school with the feet & knee pain It would kill me to walk around the house barefooted.

I had invested time & money with shoe inserts for my knee & foot pain which never really seemed to help much & when the pain kept me awake at night I would take ibuprofen. The pain just kept getting worse. I went to school for baking & pastry arts so standing on my feet is a must & even with good industry shoes it wasn’t feeling any better. The headaches also kept getting more severe & frequent & were making me not want to move my head or even blink my eyes & I was losing concentration at work & losing sleep at night. I had been adapting my life to live with my health problems & they were only getting worse.

Since I began coming to Optimal Performance my feet, knees, low back, headaches, concentration & sleep have improved exponentially to the point I am excited for my health to continue to improve because the pain I once felt is now a distant memory & no longer a daily annoying occurrence.

I would definitely recommend people who are willing to put in the time & effort to come to Optimal Performance, not just because I now feel great but because they care & want you to reach your Optimal Health & to stay at Optimal Health.

My mom’s motto was always “If you are not dying your fine” while this may apply to some aspects of our lives it does not apply to our health. No one should suffer on a daily basis with something that can be fixed. This is one lesion I have learned the hard way.