Success Story – Jennifer Heckler

Success with Headaches

I first contacted Optimal Performance on June 25th, 2013 suffering with tension headaches. The tension headaches began in January and they continued to increase in frequency until they were occurring every day, sometimes twice a day. Each headache episode would last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. I was in pain much of the day, I couldn’t concentrate at work or at home, I found it hard to participate and enjoy normal activities with my family and friends.

In February I had suffered with the tension headaches for 5 weeks and I saw my primary physician who prescribed pain/anti-inflammatory medication and muscle relaxers. The pain medication helped with the pain, but the muscles relaxers made me feel extremely drowsy and made it difficult to work while taking the medications.

I took the medication as prescribed and the headaches would go away while taking the pain medication, but would immediately return when the medication started to wear off. After about 5 weeks of taking the medications I decided to find a chiropractor. This was a decision based upon hearing stories from other people that had suffered with chronic headaches and how they got relief from chiropractic treatment.

My primary physician suggested physical therapy if the medications he prescribed did not resolve the problem. Once I started my physical therapy, chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage at Optimal Performance Health Care Center, it was approximately 5 weeks until I saw a reduction in the frequency and the severity of my headaches. But once I started seeing changes in my symptoms from the therapy, there was a very fast reduction in the frequency and severity of the headaches. Within 7 weeks of the start of my therapy, the headaches completely stopped. I am now headache free and am able to feel good again.

I can now live my life normally again without having pain, lack of concentration, and irritability. I would highly recommend Optimal Performance Health Care for therapies to resolve issues with headaches.

Optimal Performance Health Care Center offers an effective combination of treatments to correct problems quickly and effectively. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Van Westen is knowledgeable and willing to work on not only treating symptoms, but also determining and correcting the root cause of a problem.