Success Story – Jilon Kramer

Success with Neck, Low Back, Upper Back & Knees

I came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center March 23rd of 2016 seeking help for my neck, low back, upper back & knee pain. I was having daily pain for at least 2 decades. My job consists of writing computer programs, so I sit for a long period of time. Some days are better than others. I also strained myself while exercising

Prior to coming to Optimal Health Care Center I tried ice, heat, arnica cream, exercises & body worker. I became frustrated with my neck pain so I also visited various chiropractors that didn’t provide the detailed program that was given to me here at optimal performance. I had minimum results but they didn’t last. My spine went back to an abnormal state.

The Doctors I attended prior to Optimal Performance never told me I had to live with it & if they did I wouldn’t of believed them. Since I came to Optimal Performance I have noticed my head is more balanced and centered, which has improved my posture. I also noticed my neck rotates with no problem & that has helped me tremendously when driving and checking those blind spots!

I feel that in my future I would be able to exercise more without worrying about having neck and back pain during or after the work out. I can sit at my desk without feeling fatigued or achy.

I would highly recommend Optimal Performance Health Care to others who suffer from unnecessary illness or pain. If you maintain the frequency of your exercises you will get a faster result.