Success Story – John Angle

Success with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

I had injured my back two years ago and had to have a discectomy (a surgical procedure in which some of the disc material between the vertebral bones are removed). I went through a battery of Physical Therapy after the surgery and eventually felt better. Fourteen months ago, the pain returned. As time passed the pain became more debilitating, affecting my sleep, my work, my overall quality of life. I had trouble sitting, standing, walking and laying down.

Prior to Coming to Optimal Performance I had seen no less than three doctors. I tried massage, physical therapy at Athletico and Acupuncture. I spent several thousands of Dollars. At the same time I sought treatment at Optimal Performance, I was taking large doses of prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory medication. I had temporary relief that would never last more than a day or two. I was told by Several doctors that the best solution was more surgery, specifically a Vertebral Fusion (The surgical union of two adjacent vertebrae to immobilize the joint).

Since starting care at Optimal Performance I have seen results that I didn’t even think were possible. I sleep better, my pain is almost nonexistent, I have more energy, stamina and flexibility. I’m back doing things, like running, that I had discontinued due to my pain. Nothing short of Miraculous. Not only have the folks at Optimal Performance helped me to stabilize my condition, but they have also given me the tools to continue maintaining my body. I no longer view my condition as degenerative, it is improving every day.

I recommend my friends to Optimal Performance and in fact a friend of mine referred me to Optimal Performance. She said, “You will end up wishing you’d gone sooner.”
Chiropractic should be incorporated into general check-ups, as I see it. Had I been seeing a chiropractor ten or even five years ago, I would have avoided surgery, the surgery recuperation and the drug dependency that went with it.

The staff at Optimal Performance have renewed my faith in medical care. They are the most caring and personally invested group of health care professional I have ever met.