Success Story – Kevin Meinerz

Success with Severe Migraines

I was accepted as a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center in October of 2017. Before becoming a patient here I had been suffering with severe migraines and gas/bloating my whole life. I also suffered with forgetfulness and confusion for 2 years and fatigue for 5 years. I would have migraines about 2 times a month for my whole life. The migraines were so severe that they made me get very dizzy, delirious, nauseas, vomit, I was sensitive to light and sounds and I could not concentrate. The migraines had a very negative impact on my life and forced me to take more time in the back office by the garbage can at work away from customers. I would constantly isolate myself. Even at home I felt useless because all I wanted to do was go upstairs and lie down. I would have to cancel my plans, I would get moody, irritable, be less productive, I would have a bad attitude and I could no longer enjoy my hobbies. In fact, I was not productive at all. Some of my first words were “Mom, my head hurts.”

Before becoming a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I tried taking Excedrin, I used peppermint essential oil, rubs, creams, massage, ice, heat, vitamins, exercise, drank water and ate healthier. The Excedrin only provided temporary relief, but nothing else even provided temporary relief. My health problems made me less active and less social. All I wanted to be was headache free, active and social.

Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I have only had 1 migraine in the past 4 months compared to the 10 or so I would have gotten. As long as I keep following the doctor’s treatment plan, I will be fine! I have a major life change coming up and I do not want to miss it!

I would highly recommend Optimal Performance Health Care Center to others who are suffering from unnecessary illness or pain. Optimal Performance Health Care Center is not just a chiropractic center. Dr. Van Westen also offers physical therapy, medical massage, nutritional counseling and medical diagnostics. I was given exercises and stretches to do daily and given other helpful tips that will help keep me healthy!