Success Story – Krystina M. Foor

Success with Acid Reflux, Severe Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Arm Pain, Sleep Problems, Back Pain, & Sciatica Leg Pain

I first became a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center on December 17th 2015. I came to Optimal Performance to get help with severe headaches which had been ongoing for 3-5 years. I suffered from severe low back pain for 4 years, sciatica, and hip pain. The acid reflux began when I was only 7 years of age. I was unable to walk very long distances and my arms would randomly go numb throughout the day. My feet and hands would also go numb when I slept. I always had a difficult time sleeping due to the random numbness. My health conditions made me moody, irritable, affected my attitude and patience, restricted my hobbies and household duties and I felt like my mind and body just wanted to shut down.

Prior to Optimal Performance I saw a different Chiropractor for three times a week for an entire year. Although I did reach minor results they weren’t enough for me to be numbness free. I also tried taking medications such as Excedrin extra strength to manage the pain because my tolerance to pain medications is very high. I can say that after the first year of getting adjustments I had less pain and headaches but they were not completely gone. I was however able to stop taking the pain medications and live with the pain since it now was more mild and not severe anymore. I did always had a hard time sleeping and I almost always woke up with a headache or back pain.

Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I can now sleep better, I haven’t had a headache since January, my arms and feet no longer go numb, and my back and hip pain is almost completely gone. When the pain does occur it is mild and short term. The pain is no longer as bad as it used to be, and I feel great. I now have greater energy, ability to sleep, stamina, breathing, digestion, ability to stand and work, ability to deal with stress, muscle strength, concentration, and flexibility.

I feel my future will be much better with my improved health. Sleeping better has given me more energy. I am now able to go outside much more since my headaches are gone, my strength has also improved and I also now have the ability to help out more around the house with the daily duties.

I absolutely recommend anyone who suffers from an unnecessary pain to visit Optimal Performance Health Care Center, I have even gained ¾ of an inch back in height!