Success Story – Lauren Oesterling

Success with Neck Pain

I first came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center on September 1st, 2011. I had been suffering with constant severe neck pain since the summer when I fell off a horse and severely injured my neck. I also suffered with headaches and my range of motion was severely limited especially in extension. The pain interfered with my work, workouts, sleep, and my ability to participate to my fullest potential. It also affected my relationships with my friends and family since I was less fun to be around and was less helpful around the house.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance I tried Advil, different pillows, and heating pads. They gave temporary relieve but I was frustrated that they did not cure my health problems.

Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance my results have been pretty great and I am able to turn my head and neck without any pain and I feel much better.

I believe my future will be better with my improved health since training will not be painful and I will continue to be injury free. I would recommend Optimal Performance Health Care Center to others who suffer from unnecessary illness and pain.