Letter of Recommendation from Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market!

Published October 9, 2017

 To Whom It May Concern,

I’m writing this letter on behalf of Amanda Wieczorkowski and Optimal Performance Health Care Center. They came in and held a session in our Brookfield location. I would like you to know that they are such a kind, caring, professional, and organized team. They were prompt in their arrival and stayed for their allotted scheduled time with us. They were very friendly and informative with our guests. We were very pleased to have them and would welcome them back to in our store with open arms. I just wanted to take some time to write a letter on their behalf and give them high remarks. If there is any other information or feedback that I can provide please feel free to contact me.

Thank You
Jeffrey Bolden
Store Director
(262) 317-4749
Fresh Thyme Brookfield #702