Success Story – Michael Miller

Success with Sleep, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Digestive trouble, Anxiety, Tight Achilles Tendon & Back Pain

I started coming to Optimal Performance Health Care Center June 9th of 2016, I had daily sleep irregularities & insomnia for a decade, I had digestive problems for just as long. I also had tight Achilles tendon, which caused pain while lifting my right foot, I had problems with my back & also I’ve had high blood pressure my whole life.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance Health Care Center I’ve mainly tried over the counter medications, I did not do corrective treatments just symptom moderation. I also tried running, sodium reduction & exercise for my high blood pressure, for my insomnia I tried wine, medical marijuana, fan, melatonin and sleeping tea. These treatments where not so effective for me.

I began adapting my life to live with my problems trying various home treatments.

Since I was accepted as a patient here at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I have seen improvements overall in all the conditions that I came in here with. Which is a big relief for me.

I feel that my future will be brighter because my baseline health should launch an improvement in my overall health.

I would highly recommend Optimal Performance Health Care Center to others who suffer from health conditions like mine.