Success Story – Patricia Werra

Success with Constant Neck & Shoulder Pain & Severe Back Pain

Prior to consulting with Optimal Performance in June of 2012, I had suffered with severe low back pain for 41 years, daily neck pain for 40 years, and daily shoulder pain for almost as long. In the past I had spent $1000’s of dollars on physical therapy, massage therapy, muscle relaxers, Advil, cryotherapy, heat therapies, and exercise.

The results were temporary at best to relieve the symptoms but those treatments did nothing to fix the problems. Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I have greatly improved posture, greater mobility and flexibility, the pain is gone.

My ability to stand and walk and my ability to work and exercise have also greatly improved. Now that the pain is gone my future goals are to maintain my improvements and prevent future problems. I would highly recommend Optimal Performance to anyone who suffers with back or neck or shoulder problems even if you have suffered for years as I have.