Success Story – Robert Themmes

Success with chronic mid-back and low back pain.

I first came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center in April 2020.  I had been suffering from constant daily mid-back pain for the last 4 years, & I suffered from low back pain for over 20 years. I had also suffered from headaches when I was at work. The back pain was so severe to the point of not being able to sit or stand for long periods of time.  Having constant pain made me take more breaks at work, and I could no longer participate in activities I loved & I had trouble with getting out of bed in the morning.  My health problems were having a negative effect on my life & I knew if I did nothing the pain would only get worse.

 Prior to Optimal Performance, I had tried several other Chiropractors, & a Physical Therapist that did not help me. I also invested thousands of dollars on ineffective treatments. These treatments did not fix my problems, I did not get any results only temporary relief.

 Since becoming accepted as a patient at Optimal Performance I have experienced a drastic reduction of the pain & stiffness in my mid-back. I have greatly improved my strength & flexibility in my neck and back. Also, daily activities have become much easier for me, & I feel much happier overall.

 Now with my improved health, I know my future will be better. I continue to believe that my life will get better & better due to the help I have received & the knowledge I have gained.

 I would highly recommend Optimal Performance Health Care Center to anyone who suffers from unnecessary illness & pain.  I am eternally grateful for Dr. Van Westen & Baylee because they truly helped me create lasting change in my health for the first time in my life. Robert Themmes