Success Story – Ryan Empey

Success with Degenerative Cervical Discs & Shoulder Dysfunction

I first came to Optimal Performance Health Care Center in January of 2012. While on vacation in Mexico I had injured my neck and shoulder and was suffering with severe constant pain that made it impossible to participate in volleyball or basketball and affected my sleep.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance I had tried to deal with the pain, pain killers and ice but they did not fix my problems and they got worse to the point that other areas of my body were becoming affected like my arm and I really did not want to see any doctors for these problems.

Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance my neck and shoulder are stronger, my range of motion and flexibility have improved, my pain is gone, my posture has improved, my spine is better aligned and my sleep has improved.

I believe my future will be better with my improved health since I am able to participate in my hobbies and work activities without pain and dysfunction and I was taught the tools I need to know to help me prevent any future problems and to continue leading a healthy active lifestyle.