MRI & Neuro-Diagnostic Testing


To ensure the best care possible we have partnered  with several MRI Centers in the surrounding area; MDI and CDI to name a few. We have complete confidence with these centers because of their professional attitude towards the patients we have referred as well as their timely reports; usually received within 8 to 10 hours.

Our Administration here at Optimal Performance Health Care Center has developed a working relationship with other Health Care Organizations and Law Offices we chose to work with when negotiations are necessary or circumstances dictate with Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Cases where a case settles for less money than anticipated, litigated workers compensation cases where the center can hold the lien as long as needed, or straight forward cash plans for patients with a financial disability to pay. We are confident that the MRI administrative teams will work with our Institution and the Law Offices to be fair and reasonable to all parties involved.

Neuro-Diagnostic Testing

In special circumstances, there are patients who exhibit signs and symptoms that are neurological in nature with Paresthesia numbness and tingling radiating into the arms or legs or carpal tunnel syndrome are all valid reasons why further testing would be warranted. These are just a few of the many reasons a patient should be further tested.

MRI is the number one choice for Diagnostic tools to rule-out or confirm the presence of Disc problems and other pathologies. It still does not give the Physician the functional status of the Neurology or Anatomy of the extremities/Peripheral Nerves and/or the underlying Physiology. The MRI is limited to only informing Physicians about the structure and not the functionality. That is why it is necessary to utilize special testing such as NCV or Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies to visualize the Peripheral Nerves and whether or not they are being compromised.

SSEP or Somato-Sensory Evoked Potential Testing is also used for Stenosis purposes where there may be hidden disc bulges or other compromising pathology occluding or partially occluding the IVF or Spinal Canal.

DEP or Dermatomal Evoked Potential Testing works much the same but is more specific to which dermatomes of the body are affected.  Finally, s-CPT or Sensory Proprioceptive Threshold studies whereby we are able to further evaluate the sensory threshold of nerves peripherally to give us important that can simply not be evaluated or found in normal NCV Studies. When these studies are needed, they are extremely important for sensitive Neurological information which can be used to assist the patient and Physician in many ways with their care.

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