Success Story – Tyler Cebula

Success with Neck Posture, Tendinitis in Knee & Lower Back Pain

July 15th of 2016 is the first day I attended Optimal Performance Health Care Center. I came in suffering from tendinitis in the knee, neck pain & lower back pain. The tendinitis in my knees began when I started football in high school, I couldn’t put weight one knee. My neck and back pain weren’t so noticeable during football but hurt some days worse than others. I also had many bike accidents, the pain was preventing me from standing and from having better movements.

Prior to coming to Optimal Performance Health Care Center I went to my doctor to find out why my knee was hurting. I tried various treatments for my knees, ice & aspirin for the knee, neck & back pain. I also rested so the inflammation went down. My knees had some reduced inflammation, the pain of the neck, back & knees was only masked by the aspirin. The results can’t compare to the ones I got from Dr. Van Westen.

Since I became a patient here at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I’ve noticed my neck has the normal curve back, my back does not have any pain anymore. Knees feel 10x better than before I started with Dr. Van Westen.

I feel my future will be a lot better, I’m planning on keeping it as best as I can, I feel 10x better now than before my care plan began.

I would absolutely recommend others to come to Optimal Performance Health Care Center. I tell people about trigger points all the time. This is the best place to come for anything involving sports or overall health.