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If You’ve Been Injured

If you have been injured while on the job in the State of Wisconsin, then you should know that you are allowed to receive Health Benefits without paying any out of pocket expense to your Doctor. Over 98% of all injuries in the State of Wisconsin are allowed some form of Benefit to remedy their pain and suffering or if they become permanently or partially disabled. You should also know that YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE YOUR VERY OWN DOCTOR OR PHYSICIAN.

If you want answerers to other workers compensation questions or more about your rights because of the complexities of the system, we will recommend that you visit the State web-site located at to learn more about the workers compensation system. For our site, we will only focus on your rights as a patient.

Picking Your Own Doctor

You are allowed to choose your own doctor only two times, the third time the insurance company will not allow you to go anywhere else and they will dictate that you see one of their doctors and want complete control of your care and your care as to turn out the best for them. So choose wisely, this is why it is so important to choose you work injury Doctor’s wisely from the start or you could end up hurting yourself in many ways. This is why we recommend that you call us first and come in for a free consultation, see our facility and meet our staff. We are certain we can answer all of your questions and you will feel satisfied and will receive quality treatment form a competent team who knows the Workers Compensation System.

Workers’ Compensation

Additional Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Successful Steps to Take for a Successful Outcome
  1. Immediately contact your supervisor and report your accident of injury. Continue to keep your employer informed about any changes with you injury.
  2. Emergencies seek first aid and medical attention immediately by going to the hospital emergency room or call an ambulance to deliver you there. Once this has been complete, you may call our office directly and schedule an appointment immediately and we can take care of the rest for you.
  3. Avoid delays, since they can seriously affect your health and also your compensation benefits. Once you have reported this to your employer they will then report it to its insurance company, who will report it to the Worker’s Compensation Division. If your employer does not listen to you and do not file the report, then CALL OUR OFFICE and we will file the report on your behalf with your employer and get started with proper treatment and care.
MD / Testing Referral

It is often necessary to get a second opinion on a patient’s condition and to perform further diagnostic testing to properly evaluate the extent of the injuries and to properly diagnose the patients’ conditions. We have years of experience working with these types of injuries whether it is to the neck, back, arms, legs or torso. We have all the state of art equipment to design and customize a highly specialized treatment program for the patient that is painless, enjoyable and gets the patients the desired results.


It is always our goal to get you back to full functioning status in order to get you back to work as soon as possible, but only when you are ready for the physical demands of the job in order to avoid re-injury. From the very beginning we will perform detailed examinations and ask detailed questions to give us the best picture of your current health. We will personally take the time to sit down with the patient one-on-one to discuss treatment options and our recommendations. We will work alongside your employer and the insurance company to do what is best for you, the patient. Rest assured, we are on your side and not the insurance company.

Medical Benefits

If you are injured at work and you seek care at our facility, your medical costs will be pain. We understand the laws and the reporting process and disability and restriction notices that must be completed in a timely and organized manner. Be curtained to go to only experience Physicians who understand the Workers Compensation system. We already have the experience team in place and will work hard and smart to get you back to work as soon as possible and once released you may return to your regular doctor, chiropractor, or therapist if you choose to.

Administrative Duties

We will also assist the patient with all the proper paper work to be sure that all parties are properly notified of their progress such as disability status, timely progress reports and so on. For uncontested cases we will call the insurance company and begin the authorization process. If it is contested, we will submit all necessary paperwork immediately to the employer and other parties involved. As always, a detailed First Report will always be submitted with 5 days of the initial visit on our office with all worker’s compensation cases, whether litigated or not. The law office, insurance company and employer all receive this first report.

Final Report

The patient will be treated and released when they reach Maximal Medical Improvement (MMI). The status of Permanent and Stationary is reached and we will summarize all events of treatment, other Doctors and Diagnostic Reports, Permanent Impairment for the injury, etc… This will always be sent to the patient and the Law office with 1 to 2 weeks to assist the patient.


Worker’s Compensation Division
Main Office, Claims Room C100
201 E. Washington Avenue
P.O. Box 7901
Madison, WI 53707-7901
(608) 266-1340, (608) 267-0394 [fax]

Worker’s Compensation Division
Milwaukee Office
State Office Building
819 N. Sixth St. Room 330
Milwaukee, WI 53203
(414) 227-4381, (414) 227-4012 [fax]

Worker’s Compensation Division
Appleton Office
Associated Bank Building
1500 N. Casaloma Drive, Suite 310
Appleton, WI 54913-8220
(920) 832-5450, (920) 832-5355 [fax]

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Success Stories

"Since starting care at Optimal Performance I have seen results that I didn’t even think were possible. I’m back doing things, like running, that I had discontinued due to my pain."

"Since becoming a patient at Optimal Performance Health Care Center I have had major improvement in mobility and comfort. I have no pain!"

"I am now back performing things that I loved doing like jogging, hiking, swimming, biking & socializing more!"

"I can’t tell you when my last migraine occurred. What was once an everyday awful norm is now a thing of the past. My expectations have been exceeded!"

"I can’t tell you when my last migraine occurred. What was once an everyday awful norm is now a thing of the past. My expectations have been exceeded!"