Your First AppointmentS

What to Expect

First Visit

Your first visit to OPHCC is designed to get you comfortable and feeling at home in our office. Our friendly CAs and other staff will give you a health questionnaire to fill out and then give you a tour. With an attitude that is always easy-going and welcoming, you will feel at ease, because we know a relaxing environment is the key to a successful chiropractor.

After your tour, you’ll be assigned a specific treatment room where one of our experienced and highly trained doctors will meet you with a smile and an open disposition. Your doctor will begin the appointment with an explanation of chiropractic care and your specific condition. Following this discussion, your chiropractor will perform a thorough health examination, targeting the source of your problems and figuring out how to fix them. If your doctor decides you need x-rays or any other imaging to better understand your condition, this will take place at your first appointment as well.

This will be your longest appointment because we want to make sure you are comfortable with us!

Second Visit

Your second visit will be dedicated to going over the findings from your first appointment and discussing treatment. This will be an open discussion about your difficulties and how our therapy will help.

Because our aim is to always have an open environment, we want you to be well informed, so insurance and payment options are also discussed at this appointment in preparation for your treatment.

Regular Visits

At OPHCC, every chiropractic appointment builds on the previous ones, allowing you to grow in health steadily and assuring your life-long well-being. This helps you become pain free quickly and restores your full function over time and also prevents relapse with your condition(s).

In order to build a stress-free environment, your appointments will be on time, open to discussion and questions, and always friendly. If you find you have a new condition, or more questions for your Doctor orTherapist, you can always schedule more time!

Contact us today at (262) 226-8349 and stop living in pain and frustration!